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name one group rn that can go toe to toe w/ debut shinee image

Taemin - 괴도 (Danger) dance practice ver.


this has to be one of the cutest Jongin-momentsヾ(^∇^)ノ.


I was so mesmerized by the GIFs of Taemin singing “Replay” that I felt an intense need to draw him. However, I felt drawing him at rest would do his beauty absolutely no justice, so I decided to try my hand at rotoscoping (animation that is traced from live action). I really enjoy the wavering edges and the imperfection of it… I think it looks pretty rad.

Original GIF by shawollet

Please Do Not Reupload! 



Taemin vs Bug

There were lots of bugs flying around but there was one bug that has an attachment with Taemin. poor kid 

omfg but at the end he jumped when the staff lady tried to give him water im crying

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen


i like u better when ur naked | birthday mix for bby boy rin and how he should be illegal

birthday cake rihanna toxic britney spears gold neon hitch peacock katy perry troublemaker olly murs i like you so much better when you’re naked ida maria animal neon trees breaking my heart lana del rey cant remember to forget you shakira summer alive the wanted boy like you kesha lets go matt & kim bad boy big bang kangaroo court capital cities cooler than me mike posner

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